Limewire ordered to shut down!

Limewire shut down for goodLimewire, the  widely used file sharing website has been ordered to shut down for GOOD.

Federal U.S. District Judge  Kimba Wood, found Limewire liable for copyright infringement and entered a permanent injunction, ordering the service to disable the ability to search for, download, upload, or trade its software, and to block the sharing of unauthorized music files. The lawsuit was brought forth on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of  America.

Six months ago (May), the judge found that Limewire was in violation of  copyright laws, and induced users to violate copyright laws by using the software. Limewire’s founder Mark Gorton, was found personally liable.

What a sad day for Limewire, and its loyal users. Our stance in this ordeal, is that Limewire was a very risky program to use due to its “open ports” allowing hackers and malicious viruses, the ability to compromise a person’s computer even while the user is not searching the internet. 90% of the computers that we received that were infected with viruses, had one thing in common. That is correct..NINETY PERCENT!! Would you like to guess what these computers had in common?


Don’t get me wrong, file sharing is risky in itself, but it seems that the writers of harmful software usually choose a “hot market.”  In other words, they love to create viruses and trojans for very popular file sharing websites such as Limewire. Why is that? Because believe it or not the creators of anti-virus software (phony or legitimate) NEED to make MONEY! What better way to make money than to create malware that the average computer user will PAY to fix?

So…..don’t look at the demise of Limewire as a bad thing. There are countless file sharing websites that exist nowadays if downloading files is your “cup of tea.” Just remember that with every file you download your data is being compromised!

OH, and by the way……..POOR LIMEWIRE!  😦
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Jarvis Edwards – TekTime
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  1. bless Google that I found you 🙂

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