How To Extend Evo Battery Life For Free

If you own an EVO 4G Smartphone, you most likely have a battery that – for the lack of better words – sucks!

You know…a battery that cannot hold a charge longer than an hour or so while being used, or a phone that you have to leave attached to the wall (power outlet) in order to get more than several minutes of use from it!——————————

If your HTC EVO doesn’t last longer than the quickest “wham-bam-thank-you-maam,” this blog post was created especially for you.

Here are several tricks to extend EVO battery life for free:

Disable when not in use: Wifi, 4G, GPS or Bluetooth

Each of these four features can drain battery power quickly, from your EVO. Whenever Wifi, 4G, GPS and Bluetooth are not being used, always disable them on your phone to avoid quick and unnecessary battery drain.

Get “Battery Improve” to disable unneeded programs

Go to The Market, or download the software by clicking here.

Battery Improve allows you to “kill” the tasks that aren’t needed by the user, especially the “bloatware” that HTC bundled with the phone such as: Nova, Sprint Navigation, Amazon MP3, NASCAR, FM Radio, Stocks, Qik and other software that annoys you while sucking your battery dry!

Do not use Automatic Task Killing Software

Using software that “kills” or shuts down applications on your phone as a measure to extend EVO battery life is not a good choice. I personally learned from first hand experience that these programs can do more harm than good.

To make a long story short, using auto-task killers can cause: excessive battery drain (as if the phone doesn’t drain a battery quick enough already),  the phone to overheat often and programs shutting down (crashing) randomly – programs you actually want to use. Stay away from these!

Lower the screen brightness as often as possible’

This may seem like a “no-brainer,” but it is one of the most overlooked tricks to extend EVO battery life by far. There are several ways to lower the screen brightness; including, going into settings on the phone, choosing display, and reducing the brightness. Also, there are third party applications and widgets, that can quickly reduce the brightness without going into multiple menus.

Remember that browsing the internet, watching video and listening to music consumes much battery power

No need to go into detail on this tip. Just remember that using any of the aforementioned multimedia features on your phone WILL cause quicker battery drainage. Don’t cry when your phone battery icon turns red and flashes because you’ve been warned.   😉

Change “screen time-out” to shortest time possible+

Last but not least, always make sure the screen doesn’t stay “lit” for long after you stop actually using the phone. You can either do this by pricing the Power button on the top right side of the phone when you want the screen to “sleep/lock” or you can do the following:

Go to Settings (press the Menu button on the phone)

Press Display

Press Screen Timeout

Change the value to 1 or 2 minutes for best results.

Hopefully these tips on how to extend evo battery life, will help your battery last as long as mine is! In case you have a laptop computer and want your battery to last longer, here’s a couple of articles for you:

How To Revive A Dead Laptop Battery For Free

Laptop Troubleshooting Made Easy, With These Tips

Happy Computing!

Jarvis Edwards – TekTime IT Consulting & Computer Repair

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One Response to How To Extend Evo Battery Life For Free

  1. Shaybill says:

    These are excellent tips, and some of them I have already employed. Great writing! I hope to walk in your writing shoes on my blog one day?

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