How To Remove Adware: Simple and Proven Tips

how to remove adwareDo you get annoying, “spammy” pop-up ads on your computer and you absolutely hate it?

You might just have a problem with Adware! Adware is software (usually associated with advertising) that, without authorization from the computer owner, shows or downloads advertisement onto the computer. Most of the advertising that is displayed on your computer is in the form of an annoying pop-up!

For those of you who would like to remove Adware, follow this simple step by step guide..

1.) Remember that adware removal is not much different than removing spyware, viruses and more. First you must identify that there is an adware infection and nothing more “serious.”

2.) Go into your favorite internet browser(s) and delete ALL history. This includes cookies, internet files and more. If you do not know how to perform the task of deleting history, you can click here for instructions on deleting cookies and history from Firefox or you can click here for Internet Explorer instructions.

3.) Learning how to remove Adware also should include preventing it in the first place. Going back into your browser (#2 settings), you should be able to change the browsing history to “never remember history” or “X days” to store history (X being zero days). Only take this step if you won’t need to click on your “History” tab to visit sites that you previously visited, or they will not be there anymore!

4.) Make sure you have a good adware scanning software installed on your computer. Try Malwarebytes, totally free and very effective. You will need to scan manually to remove adware, in other words the software doesn’t run automatically, you must open it up and click “scan.” Click here to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware entirely free.

5.) After scanning your computer, allow the software to remove whatever is found. If you have serious malware, trojans or viruses in addition to just adware (advertisements), you may want to consult a professional or take the necessary time to just remove the viruses on your own.

6.) Next, make sure that you have no questionable toolbars installed in your browser, or toolbars from companies that you never heard of before. Toolbars can sometimes download adware as well as harmful trojans, spyware and viruses.

7.) Last but not least remember that installing “free” downloads from the internet such as screensavers, backgrounds, freeware and other downloads, can infect your computer with adware. Removing adware is one subject but preventing it is just as effective as removing it, and it saves much more time. If you notice you are getting tons of pop-ups, ask yourself how many downloads you have made recently!

Hopefully this simple guide on how to remove adware can help some of the 33,000 people searching on Google every month for tips on how to remove adware!

Happy Computing!

Jarvis Edwards – TekTime IT Consulting LLC


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