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Apple vs HTC: Is The Android Phone Threatened by This Lawsuit?

“An international court has ruled that HTC has infringed on Apple’s patent!” Here we go again….another lawsuit. This time, however, the lawsuit brewing can affect how all of us will use our Android based smartphones in the near (or possibly … Continue reading

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Acer Laptop Wont Turn On? Here’s What To Do To Fix It!

Countless people complain about Acer laptops that won’t turn on! Do you have an Acer laptop that won’t turn on at all, or at least from time to time? No matter how many times you push the power button, the … Continue reading

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The Windows Update Hack: Don’t Trust That Windows Update!

What can you do when you can’t trust Microsoft’s Windows updates? Not much.    Sad times ahead?    Possibly. ——————————————– According to, the infamous hacker known by the moniker of Comodohacker is now claiming that he can hack into Microsoft … Continue reading

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