Firefox Not Responding? Fix It Quickly With These Tips!

At some time or another, your PC will have Mozilla Firefox problems!

If you use a certain secure Internet browser for your office, business or home, you will have problems with slow response, and a high amount of your CPU’s resources being unnecessarily consumed.————————————

In other words, your computer will drastically slow down (or even freeze) due to the processor being “bogged” down with unnecessary processing cycle tasks caused by Mozilla Firefox not responding. If you enter into Task Manager, you will find the processor usage often at 100%, causing whatever you are in the process of doing–to be halted until the computer decides to get back into action.

Let’s explore what causes instances of Firefox not responding, and what can be done to eliminate this inconvenience.

1.) Disable:  Plugin-container.exe

The plug-in container was created to separate the plug-in processes within Firefox from the other necessary processes needed for FF to run. When plug-ins crash, the plug-in container will crash instead of crashing the entire browser and spoiling your Internet searching vibe. Disable the plug-in container if you have low memory or an older computer. This can be done by:

Heading up to the Firefox address bar, then typing:     about:config

Next, navigate to the lines:    dom.ipc.plugins.enabled…….. (you can type dom.ipc in the field under the address bar labeled: filter, for quicker access to the line needed)

click thumbnail to enlargeDouble click four of the lines as shown in the picture, to change their values from true to:   false.  (If there is only one value to change, which is the value listed above, change that only, and close your browser)


2.) Update Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes there are no problems contributing to Firefox not responding other than an outdated version that needs to be updated. Updates are helpful because they help fix acknowledged problems such as bug, crashes, hacker vulnerabilities, instability and more. Firefox can easily be updated by visiting Mozilla.


3.) Remove Firefox and reinstall it

If Firefox still refuses to cooperate and is causing problems with your productivity while working, feel free to uninstall Firefox and reinstall it. First, you should take measures to backup and important bookmarks and favorites, to avoid losing any important information. Removing and reinstalling cures many problems that are related to the software, if no other solutions prove adequate.


4.) Check for virus infections

When you find no other reasonable causes for Firefox not responding, you should consider checking for viruses and malware. A good, currently updated program is recommended; a full scan is encouraged for best detection.—————————–

However, if you are still experiencing problems with unexplained browser crashing or other problems after you’ve followed the methods above and checked for/removed any malware, you could still have an infection. In that case check out The PC Tech’s Virus Removal Manual for step-by-step, detailed, proven information to fully clean your system.

Having additional problems with Firefox not responding that I didn’t cover here? Feel free to leave a comment for further assistance; comments are highly appreciated!


Happy Computing!

Jarvis EdwardsTekTime

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5 Responses to Firefox Not Responding? Fix It Quickly With These Tips!

  1. moslam says:

    Thanks for your pro information At some time or another, your PC will have Mozilla Firefox problems. I like it.


  2. That is so true As an author and business man, I like how you said “In other words, your computer will drastically slow down (or even freeze) due to the processor being “bogged” down with unnecessary processing cycle tasks caused by Mozilla Firefox not responding”. I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you!

  3. catchick says:

    I’m assuming that none of these will work for me. I’ve reinstalled the current version of FF. I’ve gone to about:config and this is all it says:

    There are no dll plugins to change. I’m getting “not responding” with almost every click. So much that I’ve taken to mostly using Explorer and Chrome. Yuck to both. Chrome is super fast but I missed some of the most useful add-ons that I have in FF. Plus I use several toolbars.

    Could my toolbars or add-ons be slowing FF down? Are there any add-ons that we should never use? I have several but they are simple add-ons. Appearance, clear cache, restart, Lazarus, Read it Later… stuff like that.

    Hope you have more suggestions. Thanks for the awesome blog though.


  4. Ernie Gilman says:

    First, I’ve removed and reloaded. I’m using the current version, 13.0.1. I have to devote several minutes to just waiting for Firefox to be available, and it often just seems to lock up.

    Now, I’m having trouble with the plugin-container.exe instructions.
    The image in the instructions shows dom.ipc.plugins.enabled as set to the default of false, but in my computer it says true; should I change it to false as yours is?
    None of the entries in my computer end in .dll – am I looking at the wrong thing?
    None of the four things I should disable are even there. Am I looking at the wrong thing?
    When you say “If there is only one value to change, which is the value listed above,….” What are you referring to? I don’t understand what is a “value” in your text that I might change.
    Dom.ipc.plugins.ProcessLaunchtimeoutSecs and dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs were both set to 45 seconds, which might correspond to the time I’m waiting – should I change these?

    (operational note re this web page — you ask for name and email, but as soon as the cursor is on the line where you want the information, the info type disappears. That is, I click on “email address.” I was just looking at the word “Email,” so I know what you want. But then I TAB to the next window, and the word “Name” disappears before I look at it. I need to move the cursor out of the window to be reminded that what you want there is “Name.” This would be easier to use if each box had a non-disappearing title outside of the box.)

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