Is Godaddy Down? Yes, It Appears To Be Down For The Count!

Godaddy has been unexpectedly T.K.O.’d!

Just a quick news update. is having some major issues! If your website is hosted by Godaddy, chances are it is not currently working. In addition, your email is most likely not working at the moment, as is the case with ours.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are also the receivers of it! Imagine coming in to work only to find you can’t work because you can’t access your email!? Okay, bad example of a problem..I know.  🙂

So, if any of your favorite websites are currently down or extremely slow to load and you are scratching your head wondering why, the problem is Godaddy, not your Internet connection–unless you haven’t paid your bill!

Their website doesn’t currently reflect any issues with their servers, however, millions of websites worldwide are experiencing outages. On a more positive note, Godaddy is working to correct the problem so sit patiently!

** EDIT: As of the following day, 9/11/12 at 9:00 am PST, our sites and email were functioning properly and there appeared to be no additional problems associated with the outage. **

Until next time,

Happy Waiting….

Jarvis EdwardsTekTime IT

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