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Is Godaddy Down? Yes, It Appears To Be Down For The Count!

Godaddy has been unexpectedly T.K.O.’d! Just a quick news update. is having some major issues! If your website is hosted by Godaddy, chances are it is not currently working. In addition, your email is most likely not working at … Continue reading

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Wireless Router Won’t Connect to the Internet? Your ISP is to Blame!

Charter Communications & Other Big ISP’s Suck! Yes, I am ranting. Why? I’ll tell you why, but please don’t bother reading any further if you’re faint-of-heart or if you love your bureaucratic, manipulative, highway-robbing Internet Service Provider!

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Firefox Not Responding? Fix It Quickly With These Tips!

At some time or another, your PC will have Mozilla Firefox problems! If you use a certain secure Internet browser for your office, business or home, you will have problems with slow response, and a high amount of your CPU’s … Continue reading

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Websites With Google Maps Will Soon Be Charged!

Will Google will soon start charging a fee to use Google Maps? There has been a “rumor” floating throughout the Internet suggesting that websites with Google Maps will soon be charged to use their maps feature. The truth is: Google … Continue reading

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Internet and Privacy: How To Protect Your Privacy While Online

There are TONS of unfavorable individuals and agencies tracking your Internet activity DAILY, waiting to “get” you. Things are getting ridiculously out-of-hand. This is not your ordinary blog post, but a rant on why you should start taking precautions to … Continue reading

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Public Cloud Computing: Is It Right For YOUR Business?

Is  cloud computing really here to stay, or is it just another technology fad? The answer to that question remains to be seen; however, cloud computing can be beneficial to your business, but it can also be disastrous. It pays … Continue reading

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The Windows Update Hack: Don’t Trust That Windows Update!

What can you do when you can’t trust Microsoft’s Windows updates? Not much.    Sad times ahead?    Possibly. ——————————————– According to, the infamous hacker known by the moniker of Comodohacker is now claiming that he can hack into Microsoft … Continue reading

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