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Google is getting sued….by Paul Allen!

Google, AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Netflix and more, are being sued! These companies are being sued by Interval Licensing, a research firm that was founded in 1992. Interval Licensing is a company started by Paul Allen,  who is also a … Continue reading

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Common computer problems and their solutions…Part II!

Welcome to another episode of TekType, and thanks for tuning in! If you have been tuning in to this blog, you know that from time to time, we will provide technical support answers submitted by our readers, which will allow … Continue reading

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How to find your Soulmate in 2010!

Love is in the air! The year is 2010 and it seems that many people have one main concern in their lives; Finding The Perfect Soulmate! Your soul mate is the person that you were “predetermined” to have a romantic … Continue reading

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What to do when Mozilla Firefox won’t remember passwords!

Don’t you find it annoying when….you open up Mozilla Firefox ready to check your email, and for some reason your password – that you could have sworn was saved into your browser, is no longer stored! So…you find yourself irritated … Continue reading

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